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[RELEASED] File Upload Plug-in 01.01.30

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[RELEASED] File Upload Plug-in 01.01.30
I guess it's good enough for general release. I'll fix bugs and problems as more people use them, and report them. I'm shifting most effort the the 02.xx.xx program now, integrating the full file management and graphics support in. There will be additional releases of this module as features are stabilized between the two versions. The goal is to make the upgrade path between all these mods simple.

You can purchase this mod (It's commercial) for $35, with free upgrades. Same basic licensing as Links, so you can use it in the same way. One license for each Links license, etc.

Right now, PayPal is best for us, and I'll mail you the plug-in as soon as I get the email. pugdog@pugdog.com is our ID there, obviously :) I think I have the links in the FAQ area.

I'll append the features, but I have it running on the FAQ, and it hasn't crashed it, (There's a template bug if you don't upload file, it shows a broken image, but that's just an <%if%> when I remember to fix it!)

The more people who use this, the faster new features and versions will come out, so if you've been waiting, now is the time.

Requirements: Links SQL 2.0.0 or greater, and Image::Size module installed.

Installation: Copy to your ../Plugins/Uninstalled directory, chmod to 777 and click "install" from the plugins menu. Asks a few simple questions about where to put the files, and what to call the database columns, and installs. Uninstall _DOES_NOT_ remove database columns or files, so upgrades and re-installs will work without a problem.

Features: Upload a logo graphic file (.gif, .jpg or .png) or a regular file to the system. Files can be limited by size, and by dimensions, or both. One file per link allowed. Modification of the file goes through the Admin if "Validation" is on, otherwise happens in real time if USER_DIRECT_MOD is on. There are other features, but I'm not a real sales person, so it will take awhile to list them in a "sales" pitch.

BTW: Upgrade to the next version (02.01.xx) will be the difference between the two, +$5, unless you purchase the Photo Manager program now, in which case all the updates are free as they are released. So, you really don't have to wait if you need it now. (I guess I could figure out a price for the 02.01.xx version, if people want it, and allow you to upgrade as it's released. I'm flexible!).


PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
FAQ: http://LinkSQL.com/FAQ

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