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[Plugin] ExtraStats 4.0.7

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[Plugin] ExtraStats 4.0.7
Just to say there is an update to ExtraStats - just a couple of bug fixes and an update to the dates in the dropdowns.

More info:
The ExtraStats plugin collects extra information about your link hits both into and out of the site. Using this plugin you can create hundreds of top lists: for example the top 100 links into the site or the top 10 links out of your site.

All the lists can be sorted either by unique hits or all hits.
Lists can be returned as a loop so the output can be manipulated however you want or can be returned simply to use the enclosed template.

You can also show graphs of the unique/all hits this month for each link in your directory - good for adding to your detail page. You can also easily include the graph for last month as a comparison.

Both the top lists and graphs can also be produced per category - for example, a graph of the hits to all the links in a category for each month, or the list of top 10 categories today or even a list of the top 10 links in each category.

There are also simple statistics tags to show, for example, all the link hits on the site today or all the link hits in a particular category this month.

For advanced use there are tags which will produce printable statistics for each link.
For example (can easily be customised as the output is a loop):

Link1 has had 45 unique hits and 49 total hits in January 2008.
This is the breakdown:
January 1: 1 unique hit, 2 total hits
January 2: 2 unique hits, 2 total hits....

There is the option to include an overall list which shows the popularity of all the links in your directory (or as many as you wish to show) over several pages. This includes a trend to show how the popularity has changed since last month. An example: http://www.theukhighstreet.com/p/popular

The rank of the link in the directory (and of the previous month) is available to show in the link listing or on the detail page of any link.

A list can easily be shown of the last links that have been clicked on in the directory.

There is a page in the plugin admin that allows you to easily see an overview of the statistics for your directory. It shows you all the overall hit data for today and this month and shows graphs of the hit data for the whole directory by day and by month. You can also choose to see this data for a particular link for any month using a form.

There is also a page in the plugin admin that allows you to see the top lists for any date using a form.

This plugin has been developed over several years and a lot of the features have been added from user requests.

License: Commercial.

Price: GBP45

In this plugin, unique hits are counted once per 24 hours.
The UK High Street