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[New Plugin] Show_Remote_Ratings

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[New Plugin] Show_Remote_Ratings

This plugin will basically allow your link owners to show details of their link on your site. Its fully template driven, so all you need to do is design the template how you like, and then get your link owners to put a bit of IFRAME code in their HTML, and then people can see the stats for the link in question dynamically. You can use *any* data from the link, such as Title, URL, Description, Hits, Votes, Ratings, etc.

Again, I wrote this plugin for a client, so I can't give it away free I'm afraid Frown (they have agreed I can sell it though).

Price: $10

Details: http://new.linkssql.net/...=Show_Remote_Ratings

Existing $200 package members can download this plugin from their account area (http://new.linkssql.net/page.php?page=account)


Andy (mod)
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