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[New Plugin] Guess!
Yup, thats the name of the plugin, Guess! Wink

I thought I would give the Links SQL community a little something fun to play with, and possibly keep your visitors entertained for quite a while ;)

Basically, you just install this plugin, decide on a high and low number, and place a tag in your templates.

When the tag is called, a drop down box is returned. This box contains each number from $min to $max. The user then selects a number, and presses the button. Upon doing this, the script works out a random number..and compares it to their number. If the numbers match, it shows a successful templates; and if not, an unsuccessful template Tongue

There is nothing really helpful about this plugin...but I just wanted to explore the template and user configuration features in the Plugin system..Smile

Well..enjoy. I've emailed the plugin to Alex..so you may see it in the download area soon!

Andy (mod)
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