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[NEW pre-BETA] Ultra_Profile_Pro

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[NEW pre-BETA] Ultra_Profile_Pro
I suddenly realized that the profile system is *not* really a part of the image gallery system, and the additional profiles, management fatures ,and stuff don't depend on the rest of the program being finished. Seems pretty obvious, once you think of it <G>

So, I'm putting the final touches on the Ultra_Profile_Pro.

It will use the defaults (and be backwards compatible with) the Ultra_Profile system, and the default tables, and will install those tables by default if they have not been previously installed.

In addtion, it will set up a Photographer's profile page, as an example of how the additional tables work. From that example, it should be easy for you to figure out how to expand the profile ssystem by adding tables, and forms.

The *only* limitation of the beta release will be that you need to edit the Ultra_Profile_Pro.pm file in the plugins directory to set the defaults, as the editor system to do that would delay the program for a long time, when it's not really needed to run the system.

You would edit the header, and add the allowed edit tables, and any fields you want blocked, and that's it. Everything else should be able to be done from the GLinks Admin, and from within your templates.

The way it works, is let's say you have members who are both guests, photographers and models. When they join, their basic profile, stored in their Users table will give them flag fields for setting up a regular profile (the Ultra_Profile table) and for creating a models or photographers profile. When they select the basic profile, their info is inserted, and works just like the Ultra_PRofile system.

When they select "Add photographer's profile" for example, they will be taken to a new form, based on your table, where they can insert their photographers information. Once they do that, and submit the form, the system will insert their profile, and set the flag field is_PHotographer in the Users table to "Yes" (you can use any value, or any table, but this is the default behavior).

Now, they have the option to "Edit" their photographers profile. You can block them from changing the settings, which is also the default, since you want the system to manage whether there is al inked record or not.

The user can set their profile to is_Private, if you allow it, and you as admin can "Ban" or "disable" their profile privs in their User rec (and they can't edit it).

Each table can be very different, so that there is no wasted fields, and you select the data/table/template you want with a simple function call from within the template, that loads the requested info.

The reason this is still a beta, is that I'm working through security issues, and complexities of the templates slowly, trying to create the best and simplest means of giving the most power from within the templates, so you never have to edit/alter any code.

And, since unlike PHP, all your code, and templates are in a cgi-bin directory, you can't get an accidental spilling of the beans -- yet you get all the power and more.

I really like the template parser :)

But, now, your site can offer people the ability to have different profile pages for their different characters (this *will* take a bit of modification, but it's planned), or for their different skills -- perl programmer, html expert, graphics designer, etc.

Or, in the case of our gallery system, a Models, Photographers, MUA, Designer, or Artist -- or all of them.

(To use the "Character" profile, I'd have to add a field for "Character" and a complex primary key, for Username/Character not just Username.)

Anyway, should be stable enough for trial in a few days.

Any interest?

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