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[NEW Plugin] ThumbCatcher for Thumbshots.org (Support)

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[NEW Plugin] ThumbCatcher for Thumbshots.org (Support)
ThumbCatcher Plugin for Links SQL get Website Screenshots (Thumbnails 120x90)
from thumbshots.org project for each link in your database and store it on your
server - if the image is available at thumbshots.org.

This means, that you can use the images using a simple Image Tag
in your Links SQL Templates like:


Thumbshots.org provides Screenshots of over 3.000.000 Websites
which are listed at the dmoz Project .

This plugin can save your time and money and dress up your website.
You have to accept the Rules for using thumbshots.org Screenshots
on your Page.

Click the link to visit our available Links SQL Plugins

Please use this thread only if you need support for this plugin or have questions about it.

Best regards from


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