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[NEW PLUGIN] NewSearchMatches v1.0

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[NEW PLUGIN] NewSearchMatches v1.0

This plugin gives you users an easy way to see their "recent" searches that they have performed (the 10 most recent searches), and actually tells them if there are any new links matching their query. It then links them to search.cgi, where they can see these new links (or, they can do a normal search - which shows them all of the links matching their query (including the new ones)

PRICE: $75 [ more info ] - also part of the ULTRA Package PRO

Plugin Requirements

* GLinks 3.0.4+
* MySQL (NOT Version 4, as this doesn't support TIMESTAMPS in the way this plugin requires)


* Saves the users last 10 searches, along with the number of matches that were found on their last search.
* The plugin then performs these searches for the user, letting them know how many new links (if any) have been added since they last searched.
* Links directly to search.cgi, so they can view the "new" listings, based on their query (also links to the normal search page, showing all links)

Sample Screen Shots

Please see here.

For more details, please visit our site: http://www.ultranerds.com/...wSearchMatches_L229/ . As always, if you have any question - please don't hesitate to ask.


Andy (mod)
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