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[NEW PLUGIN] CalLinkBookings v1

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[NEW PLUGIN] CalLinkBookings v1

I'm pleased to announce the release of our latest plugin, CalLinkBookings. This plugin was developed for a client, and he's given me permission to resell it on as a plugin (thanks Mick Angelic)

Its mainly aimed at directories where you are do stuff like:

1) List accommodation (i.e for rentals)
2) List events (i.e parties)
3) Anything that needs a booking system =)

The details are as follows:

NB: This plugin is part of "ULTRA PRO" Package

Price: $125 [ details ]

Plugin Description

This plugin is ideal for site who are listing "rental" availabilities, for properties/venues/etc. There is an admin area for LinkOwners (calendar_admin.cgi) , where they can manage the availability of their listing, and calendar_view.cgi, where users can view the availability of a listing. You can also put a tag on detailed.html, which will show a mini-calendar, with the times highlighted that are booked/available. The colors are CSS based, so should be simple to edit to your site color scheme.

Plugin Requirements

  • Gossamer Links 3.0.4+
  • Calendar::Simple
  • Date::Calc


  • Link Owners can update the "availability" of any of their links via an admin area
  • You can show the current months availability on detailed.html, with just one tag.
  • Users can view ANY date for any link, with calendar_view.cgi?ID=1234
  • Users can view the next 12 months worth of availability for the listings, in an easy to read format.

I'll put up a demo at some point today, so you can see it =)

As always, if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask (here, or via email/PM)


Andy (mod)
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