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[NEW PLUGIN] Admin_Rating v1.0

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[NEW PLUGIN] Admin_Rating v1.0
Nothing much really to this plugin. I needed it for one of my sites, and also a client of mine was asking for something like this, so I put it in plugin form for you guys.

I've asked Alex to upload it to the Plugins > Download area, but I'm not sure when it will get put on.

So, what does this plugin do?

Well... it adds another drop-down field to your 'Links' table in the admin panel, so that you (the admin) can assign a "personal review ranking". This is great to give your visitors an idea of how reputable a company is, especially if your directory deals with affiliates, etc.

The plugin has a set of 5 images, which are extracted to your <%build_root_url%>/images/ folder. The 'Readme' for this plugin gives you some sample code (which should work 'as is') which you need to put in your templates.

Well, please find the plugin attached. Please remember this is a freebie, so don't go asking for 101 features to be added... its not meant to be feature packed... Wink

Last but not least... enjoy!


Andy (mod)
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