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[CHANGE IN LOGIC] Upload Graphic/Logo plug-in

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[CHANGE IN LOGIC] Upload Graphic/Logo plug-in
After wrestling with the plug-ins for way too long, and tring to do a honey bee dance with the pre/post hooks, and really needing a 3rd hook to do it right (as discussed before), I'm changing the way the plug-in will work.

When the plug-in installs, it will replace add.cgi and modify.cgi with new files that contain significant added functionality.

I will _TRY_ to make it so that if you disable the plug-in, you can still continue to use the advanced .cgi scripts (they just won't use any plug-in features). There will also be an option to restore the original scripts when you uninstall.

Of course, without a script registry, knowing if the scripts were modified by another program is not possible, so that house keeping will be up to you.

The problem is, that I need to integrate the file handling into the success/error routines.

Of course, I guess, I could insert add/modify.cgi into the plug-in, then just override them completely..... ??

Let me hear any comments... but I really don't think I have much choice at this point, trying to pass control back to add/modify.cgi is causing significan't problems.

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