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[Bug] & is replaced to & after Update of plugin Options page

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[Bug] & is replaced to & after Update of plugin Options page
Reproducing steps:
1) Go to a plugin Options page.
2) Type an & sign into a text form field
3) Click update
4) On the result page, the form field will contain & instead &

It seems GT::CGI->html_escape() method is called somewhere, since all following chars are converted to its html entity:
& => &
< => &lt;
> => &gt;
" => &quot;

Seems called within GT::Plugins::Manager->load_options():
$val = GT::CGI->html_escape ($val);

This is not fine, expecially if the text field is used internally in plugin, and not displayed on a html page...

Alex, GT staff, could you analyze this problem and fix it?
Is that html_escape call really needed? What are the reasons?

Best regards,

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