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[BUG] GOCart templates/passing

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[BUG] GOCart templates/passing
I've got a hacked set of GOCart with Authorize.net, etc working.

I moved it to a new domain, and copied over the files including GT::HTML and GT::Payment trees and .pm's

When I call cart.cgi with &d=1&t=other_set, the "empty" page shows up, and the <-Continue Shopping link works correctly.

If I call it through the HTML code in the menu -- View Cart or Old Invoices -- while the links correctly have the t= parameter in them, and the displayed page shows the &t= parameter in the URL bar, the <-Continue Shopping link has stripped out the &t= parameter, but did pass through the d= parameter.

I haven't checked more deeply into this, since I don't have an "official" release, but it seems very odd it works one way but not the other....

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