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Forum Bot do you like big letters like this or not!

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Re: [Forum Bot] Bold In reply to
WOW, Can the forum BOT target specific POSTS IN THE FORUM OR IS IT JUST for threads who knows LETS WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.
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Re: [Forum Bot] Bold In reply to
Ohh forum patrol will give you a slap on the wrist for this :)
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Forum Patrol Auto-Response In reply to

I am a forum bot. My job is to patrol the forums looking for potential abuse.

Just now I found your post which seems to violate my rules.

Violation: Too many uppercase letters in your post.
Broken at: Sun Sep 1 01:40:03 2002

This is just a friendly warning to keep your posts community-friendly. Happy posting!

Patrol Bot 1.0
Treat 'em mean, keep 'em clean.
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Re: [Forum Patrol] Forum Patrol Auto-Response In reply to
good boy, good boy!

here's your virtual bone Crazy

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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Forum Patrol Supervisor In reply to
This is the supervisor of the Forum Patrol Bot.

I am on my regular controlling tour to see if Forum Patrol did his work well!

Seems to be OK.