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replacing webbbs at www.HandicappedPets.net

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replacing webbbs at www.HandicappedPets.net
I'm hoping I've just found the ideal replacement for my message board.

It get's a lot of traffic - currently 32,000 messages.

My Criteria: Threaded listing for entire board "Mark This Post Offensive" Move to correct category Read all new messages (regardless of category) Private Messaging Search Engine Compatibility (SEO meta tags) Threaded listing option (I really like the threaded display of our bb) Easy to admin - Move, delete messages I don't see the "Mark this Post..." and I'm not sure how to view all unread messages in every category. The threaded piece is one of the biggest concerns. A problem I notice with this bbs, when I click on a + sign in this board, it jumps up to the top of the board, losing my place. Is this avoidable?