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a question about your member login system

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a question about your member login system
I'd like to propose your forum script to my firm but I'd like to know if it is easy to integrate your login system to another perl script that already require a login system....

For information, i think they are using this perl script http://www.metadot.net to handle the actual intranet website.
The integrated forum is a little poor that's why I'm thinking about your wonderfull forum script. A very nice and well finished work.

How your login system works ? Is it easy to integrate with another system ?

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Re: [megatest] a question about your member login system In reply to
The GForum authentication system can be hooked into by a plugin. Basically, you add a plugin to the auth_* hooks, which are all in admin/GForum/Authenticate.pm.

Which hook(s) you need to override depends on exactly how you want it to work - should they login, using a username and password stored somewhere else, or should they be automatically logged in based on some other criteria? Most of the functionality in GForum/Authenticate.pm is straightforward - you'll want to override either auth_valid_user or auth_valid_session. See the comments in the code in GForum/Authenticate.pm.

You shouldn't directly edit GForum/Authenticate - instead, create a plugin using the plugin wizard, and add the "auth_valid_user" and "auth_valid_session" hooks. Then inside the hooks do the equivelant of what the GForum/Authenticate.pm ones do, but customized for your situation.

At the end of your plugin hooks, you should call: GT::Plugins->action(STOP) before returning so that the GForum/Authenticate code won't be run.

Jason Rhinelander
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