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g-forum speed

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g-forum speed
Before I buy this product I need to know if it's going to support a 200 member user community, without mod_perl or speedyCGI. I'm hoping to host the board at pair networks, on a shared server and neither mod_perl or speedycgi is available. I'd be using mySQL as a db. Pair is pretty good speed wise but i don't want to shell out $250.00 canadian only to find out the board becomes untolerably slow when more then 10 users are on at the same time.

I've down loaded the program and installed it....I'm happy so far.

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steven199: Jun 28, 2005, 11:13 AM
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Re: [steven199] g-forum speed In reply to
When I used GForum on a shared server at Pair, I never had any performance issues; my biggest problem was the size of the database kept getting up toward whatever Pair's database-size limit was at the time (25Mb, I think) - I have some prolific posters :-).
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Re: [agaffin] g-forum speed In reply to
Hmm, Is it really that bad on Database size? Im currently hosting on Pair Networks also.
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Re: [designerspl] g-forum speed In reply to

25Mb is still pretty large =) Put it this way... we have 2.5 million posts on one of our forums, and thats just over 2.5Gb in size.

TBH, 25Mb should clear you for at LEAST 10,000+ posts, possibly as much/more than 50,000 (I'm just guessing here, as it all really depends on the post size <G>).

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] g-forum speed In reply to
They have way more then 200 members there and there site runs fine. Cool There is like 50 users on at once normally