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Q about unusual feature, and a bug in this forum

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Q about unusual feature, and a bug in this forum
We currently use Invision, Discusware, and some YABB. We don't much like any of them. Gossamer looks great, but we've got a particular need for an unusual feature...we need the forum software to use an external program to do account creation and validation (the external program is a server that speaks most protocols - HTTP, CORBA, etc - so communication with it shouldn't be a problem).

In mainstream application development, this is such a frequently needed feature that it's pretty standard to use pluggable / external authentication (c.f. almost every CMS allows use of an external system - often LDAP - for user accounts mgmt and verification. For a more extreme case, even OS's have API's for it (linux has the wonders of PAM...)).

Sadly, most forum software is still pretty much in the dark ages, and they apparently haven't thought that much about modularization. Gossamer seems a cut above the rest...so can it do this?

Our situation is that we have an existing server system (a self-clustering distributed OS running various internal apps) and we want to integrate it with a kick-ass forum system. If we have to, we'll roll our own, but who wants to re-invent the wheel? :(

It already has an account creation + mgmt + verification system (and it's pluggable - so in extremis if there was a way we could delegate to gossamer, we could write a new module for the current system). Our main requirement is that users have a single sign-on that works - transparently - for all the servers in the cluster, and on the forums.

P.s it appears that if you sign up and use the password "password", your password doesn't work. I tried it twice with different usernames, got the validation mail etc, couldn't login. Or perhaps there's some other bug with registering new users at the moment?

If you get it to send you a new password, it works.

Really this is quite depressing :(.
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