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Pre-sales Questions...

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Pre-sales Questions...
Well... I just spent almost an hour typing a carefully worded post to your pre-sales questions forum... then I tried using your spellcheck feature on the post before actually posting it and in the process of trying to figure out how to use that feature to make a correction to a spelling error it detected, I hit the backspace key and somehow managed to lose the whole darned message!!! Frown

Is this a "common problem" with your Forums software? I tested it again just now with this message and the same darned thing happened... I must say that THAT feature sure as the devil did NOT impress me much! Pirate And I had just been oooh so complimentary about how impressed I was with the capabilities of your software too! <shades of Yahoo egroups!> Sigh... Crazy

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is essentially equivalent to magic [or witchcraft] to those who do not understand how it is accomplished...

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