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Payment System Question

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Payment System Question

I have a couple of questions about the payment system in the forum script.

What payment services are supported?

Is the payment system set up to look like a donation, or can it be a paid subscription forum?

Thanks for the info... Chris
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Read the about info on the product, here: http://gossamer-threads.com/...pts/gforum/index.htm

Alex should really add in the payment information. It supports PayPal, Authorize.net, Moneris and WorldPay.

Authroize.net and Moneris are "Direct" pay, while PayPal and WorldPay are remote:

Direct payment methods are methods where the user enters payment information on your site, allowing you to control the exact content and appearance. Since they involve the user entering credit card information on your site, they will only work with SSL (HTTPS).

Remote payment methods allow you to process payments without the requirement of an SSL-enabled website and certificate. The user will select the service they want from your site, but to enter actual payment information they will be taken to the remote payment providers website

Here is a copy of the payments screen information:


Beyond the actual processing of payments, there are several options available to you: By Donation

With the donation setup, you will be able to accept payment donations. You may, optionally, place users who have donated into a particular group based on the amount they have donated. For example, you could set up a group with permission to a hidden forum that only users who make a $25 donation may view. Signup

With the signup option, you can require that users make a certain payment before they become full forum members. You may configure this to be a permanent membership, or have it expire after a certain amount of time. You can also define multiple payment amounts which carry different amounts of membership time (e.g. paying $20 would allow someone to sign up for 3 months, while $40 would give them a 1 year membership). Additionally, you can define seperate renewal payment levels (e.g., when renewing, $30 gets you an additional year, instead of $40 for the initial year). Recurring payments that are automatically made at set intervals can also be configured. You can also set up a "lifetime" payment (e.g. $150 gets you a lifetime membership).

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