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InvisionPowerBoard -> Gossamer Forum

I am using a licensed version of Invision PowerBoard.

I am considering getting GF, and it is nice you offer a 50% off "sidegrade"... but I have a question:

What's your upgrade licence policy!? IPB is a one time off license for life, or a yearly licence...

Also, what about languages other than English (I see French and German)... any others availabale anytime soon? If I have to do my own (PT) how do I go about it!?

Many thanks!


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joa1: Nov 27, 2004, 10:46 PM
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Re: [joa1] InvisionPowerBoard -> Gossamer Forum In reply to

The license covers upgrades for one year, and upgrades after that are discounted. As for translation, you can create your own translation by just modifying the templates. All the language is contained within the templates.


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