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Integrating GF with existing SQL database

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Integrating GF with existing SQL database
I am in the process of collecting information for a proposal. We presently have a large and growing SQL database of members, and am looking for a reasonable way to add forum software that would allow users a single login to the web site, utilizing the existing database for authentication.

I had come to the conclusion the most effective way to do this would be with a meta directory that would feed both the existing directory (the SQL database) and the forum's own directory. Users would provide data to the meta directory.

I've seen a message on this board to suggest that Gossamer Threads would be willing to create a custom snap-in that would connect GF to an existing SQL database (MySQL, for instance?).

Who would I need to talk with via e-mail to discuss the details of this arrangement?

Alan Frayer
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Re: [afrayer] Integrating GF with existing SQL database In reply to

Yes, we can create custom authentication plugins that allow you to authenticate off a third source. Contat Jack at info at gossamer-threads.com for more information about this.


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