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I've been reading for a long time that GT Forums will "soon" be able to import from vBulletin. Is there any update on that?
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Re: [Ryan] Importing In reply to

No, it's not yet available. We pulled Adrian off import scripts to finish up Gossamer Mail 2.1 as the demand for a vBulletin plugin has not been that great.

It is something we will implement, just may take a bit of time to do (or someone paying us once to do an import for them).


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Hi Alex,

I just wanted to go on record that I think GF is great and I saw how well this GF site had been indexed by google. I even typed in some test text from the body of older posts and many came up.

I would be anxious to do this if there was an easy way to import my 800+ user YaBB Gold Forum database. That's held me back and it's a problem that's getting a bit worse as time goes on and membercount increases. I'm sure that including import scripts of different types would make your program immediately accessible to thousands of motivated buyers.