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GF status/problems and comp upgrade offer

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GF status/problems and comp upgrade offer
Thinking of changing what we've been doing with our LSQL licence, moving it to a new domain and adding forum with community. After doing some research:

1) I've seen some recent posts that give the impression gforum is a bit long in the tooth, needs a general update and has some problems/issues that people are waiting to be addressed. How fair an assessment is that, and is there a new version planned?

2) Your competitive upgrade offer. We have a VBulletin licence which would be the alternative route for us - does your offer depend on the competitive product being removed/disabled or can we keep on using it for it's current purpose ... and how would we pay the reduced price (it isn't on the order form).


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Re: [CrazyGuy] GF status/problems and comp upgrade offer In reply to

1. You can download it and try it out to see how it works for you. There is a full 30 day eval to make sure it does what you want. A new version is in the works, but I don't have a timeline for you unfortunately.

2. You don't need to remove the other product. To receive this discount, simply enter the URL in the comments section and mention the discount and we'll apply it when we process the order.


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