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Custom user group question

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Custom user group question
I have a few different interests on my web site.
I might want to use GF in different sections.

In reading about the Admin features
You can create custom user groups, and give access to forums on a per group basis.

So let's say I have a section on my website for cars, genealogy, topic x.

Can I use one copy of GF and have only forums pertaining to cars show up and topic x in another section?

I don't want someone in the car forum to have access to a topic x forum (unless they choose to). I want to treat each section as a forum all to itself.

Is that what the quote means?
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Re: [steven1214] Custom user group question In reply to
Hi Steven1214


You can set up a forum section that has limited access.
For example: If your forum was structured like this:

AUTO (Private Forum)
----- Cars
----- Trucks

BOATS (Private Forum)
----- PWC
----- Sailboats
----- Powerboats

----- Steam
----- Electric

You can set up a group called "AUTO" and assign the group rights to view, post, edit within the AUTO category. And if you do the same for a second group called "BOATS" it would result in this:

Guests could see the category names AUTO and BOATS but not have access to the threads below it. The guests would have full access to TRAINS though as it was not set up as a private forum. Users that are assigned to the AUTO group and not the BOAT group would have the same limitations as a guest when trying to access the BOATS section.

I hope that helps and there are many other controls that apply to this as well.

It is a great program with lots of flex in the use. You will like it.

Good luck!