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Couple of questions...

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Couple of questions...
Having a look at this forum, and I'd like to know the answer to a couple of questions:

1). Graphic sets - are there different versions available in different colour schemes etc.

2). Can I use my own smileys, and can the board be adapted to allow them in message subject lines and well as messagew bodies?

3). Is there a limit to the number of characters allowed for a username?

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welshchris: Apr 7, 2004, 8:28 AM
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Re: [welshchris] Couple of questions... In reply to

Sorry about the late reply!

1. No, this is the only template set the program comes with, but if you look at some of the other sites using Gossamer Forum, you'll see it can be customized to pretty much any look.

2. Yes, you can replace the smileys with your own, but no, they can't be used in the subject lines, only in the bodies.

3. Yes, there is an admin configurable limit to the username length.


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