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symbolic link to site

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symbolic link to site
I originally set up my forums at http://support.clubnavigator.co.uk/...est-Forum/gforum.cgi

now that they're working I'd like a different URL pointing to the site, so I created a hard link from http://www.longhotsummer.co.uk/gforum.cgi to the above address.

It seems to work most of the time, but some users find that cookies don't work and some times when they post a message they get thrown out of the site. If they log directly into the support.clubnavigator... pages then all is well.

Will the boards not work this way or do I need to set some of the paths in the admin screen to use the longhotsummer address. At the moment they all use the support.clubnavigator... site.
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Re: [davidnavigator] symbolic link to site In reply to
You're best bet would be to rename/move the folder appropriatly, and then use 'grep' (via SSH) to search and replace all your paths/URL's (which would have obviously changed). There are a few good threads (search for "grep", by "Andy"), which give you the commands that will work for grep.

Hope that helps :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] symbolic link to site In reply to
Thanks for that, but will it not create a problem in the compiled templates ? Do they contain a checksum ?