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suggestion for Version 2.0: Signatur

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suggestion for Version 2.0: Signatur

Many Users in my Forum wish a Signatur function.
I Hope that it is possible that the users can decide if he will see the Signatur from other Users or not.

Is this possible ?

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Re: [hoefti] suggestion for Version 2.0: Signatur In reply to
If you know some perl, it would be easy to add. Steps would be:

1. Add a column to the users table 'user_view_signature'.
2. Modify the Edit Profile and add a Yes No field so users can change their options.
3. Edit GForum/Convert.pm sub convert_signature, and make an if test to see if it should get added on or not.

I think that's about it. We'll add this to our list of features we are looking to add.


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