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Since you need to start a cron job if you want to use subscriptions, I had to modify "subscriptions.pl" a bit, as my ISP does not allow shell cronjobs for standard server packages. What I did is I modified the subscriptions.pl - I commented out every line but one line

my %opt;
# print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
# print "This script can only be run from shell/command prompt.";
#else {
# GetOptions(
# 'help' => \$opt{help},
# 'send' => \$opt{send},
# 'debug' => \$opt{debug},
# 'file-debug=s' => \$opt{debug_file}
# );
# if ($opt{send}) {
GForum::Subscribe::send_all(@opt{'debug', 'debug_file'});
# }
# else {
# usage();
# }

Now the script can be executed by html server and be included into a standard html page via SSI. Since my ISP allows a cron job for HTML pages, it just works as it should. Wink

Just in case, anybody needs such a solution..

Since the script itself is in a .htaccess protected area, it cannot be executed by public..
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Re: [blackjack] subscriptions.pl In reply to
A cronjob for html pages? How peculiar. =) Glad you got it working though..


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Re: [Alex] subscriptions.pl In reply to
Yep, for html. I know its strange and I don't know why, but my ISPs system is being admined via some tool which allows only certain access for a specific server. Only high end servers eg. are allowed to have a shell cron job. Only thing they can do is to call a html page freequently. Thats the trick to put it inside a SSI call. Saved me the upgrade to a professional server and thus 20 more bucks a month Cool