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Possible bug here, may just be a template thing, but I'm not sure what change to make in the subscribe.eml template.

In Admin->Setup->Email it says "The maximum number of posts (0 for unlimited) that will be shown in the daily archive e-mail." So I set subscribe_email_max_posts to zero and the daily archive that came out says at the bottom:
"Not all posts have been listed since the forum archive is limited to 0 posts. More posts can be found on the site."

This will definitely confuse users.
Michael Coyne
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Re: [mcoyne] subscribe_email_max_posts In reply to
This can be fixed by changing the subscribe.eml Email template. Currently it has:

<%if more_posts%>

It should be changed to:

<%if more_posts and subscribe_email_max_posts%>

Jason Rhinelander
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