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still having mailarc sql update problems

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still having mailarc sql update problems
I've checked my accounts to make sure mail is getting there, before the mailarc is run. The mail gets removed from the account but is not showing up in the Forums (sql db) as all!

I've run the script (via a temp page) as a global to 'supposedly' fix the db but nothing has changed. So as a result of this script failure I've lost a lot of mail that should be in the Forum

HELP! what am I missing here of what can I l;ook at to try and debug this?

Yes, I've turned on debug and checked stuff and it ends with everything saying everything was OK and no errors listed anywhere.

This is a semi-recent problem as it had beed working for months just fine.

help me PLEase!Pirate
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Re: [ptegler] still having mailarc sql update problems In reply to
Let's try this again.... still missing a bunch of the mails via mailarc

If I use Fileman to execute the ccommand that's in my cron file it seems to work. but running on it's own it doesn't always deliver the emails to the db.

The following a table the ips recently added to show mail usage

Past Week POP3 Usage Date* Received Downloaded** Kbs Mbs Connects 2003-09-27 12 12 44.68 0.04 11 2003-09-26 22 22 81.19 0.08 21 2003-09-25 17 35 137.08 0.13 35 2003-09-24 38 22 87.05 0.09 19 2003-09-23 17 13 52.04 0.05 13 2003-09-22 19 19 85.40 0.08 14 2003-09-21 7 7 21.37 0.02 7 Total 132 130 508.81 0.50 120

Out of those 120 emails, only 7 or 8 show up in the Forum.

my cron tab command is (xxx's were installed so as not to give away security info to the masses)

* 1 * * * /xxxx/x/xxxxxx/cgi-bin/admin/Plugins/GForum/archive.pl --forum=1 --pop-host=xxxxx.xxxxx.org --pop-user=xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.org --pop-pass=xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The crontab file has the right formats (blank line after last command etc etc)

And as I mentioned, cutting and pasting this into FILEMAN it will transfer any email in the box to the Forum correctly.

So why does it only happen randomly?? Pirate