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spam mails

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spam mails

since there are more and more robots on the www looking for email
addresses to send spam mails to them i wrote this script to prevent
them from recognizing your addresses.

in my php-Forum i use:
<?php echo convema("$userdata[user_email]")?>

and include a file converma.php
function convema($email)
for($i=0; $i<strlen($email); $i++)
if(substr($email,$i,1)!="@" && substr($email,$i,1)!=".")
$cem .= "&#" . ord(substr($email,$i,1)) . ";";
$cem .= substr($email,$i,1);
return "<a href=\"mailto:" . $cem . "\">" . $cem . "</a>";

It is to be made possible this in the forum
The emailadresse ist convert to Unicode and no robot can read it.
I already increased the length of the email-field

greeting hoefti
linktobuy Web Directory
Ratgeber Recht

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hoefti: Oct 19, 2003, 1:21 AM