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sitemap feature with gforums?

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sitemap feature with gforums?
Hi i wanted to know is there a way I could generate a sitemap with the search engine friendly urls for our forum like this page.


but for each category
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Re: [carminejg3] sitemap feature with gforums? In reply to
Look here
linktobuy Web Directory
Ratgeber Recht
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Re: [hoefti] sitemap feature with gforums? In reply to

It was actually for carminejg3 that I wrote that plugin for :) Thanks for pointing it out though <G>


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] sitemap feature with gforums? In reply to
This is an awesome plugin.... if you know google and their sitemaps they will crawl larger files then 100 links and over 100k if its a sitemap page....

What andy put together will save us tons of time from using any other sitemap out there..

check it out http://autoforums.carjunky.com/sitemap/sitemap.html this will soon replace http://autoforums.carjunky.com/sitemap.html (which everytime i want to update it i have to run a program, edit html, ftp files and so on... andy's plugin i just point to a url and its updated or I could set up a nightly cron

give google 5-10 days after this post and check the cache they will have the sitemap page and all sub pages cached.... its a great way to expose those pages that fall off your first page.