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script name in include_paging.html

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script name in include_paging.html

The template include_paging.html uses the internal function "GForum::GUI::draw" to draw the display of the paging. I would like to know where I can change the script name (gforum.cgi) used by this fonction to another one?

Jason, it would be very appreciated if you add for version 2.0 a variable in the admin panel for setting the script name in all templates.

Thank you.

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Re: [Franco] script name in include_paging.html In reply to
Hi François,

You can add a line like this in the arguments to the GForum::GUI::draw function:

"gforum.cgi" => "somethingelse.cgi",

That will then use somethingelse.cgi instead of gforum.cgi in the generated html.

Jason Rhinelander
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