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private message
When I try to write a private message to a user (by clicking on the letter image in threaded view), the username of the recipient is not automatically set, i.e. I have to put it in again manually.

The link that is used is gforum.cgi?do=message;username=someuser;

Probably some minor change in the templates, but I couldn't figure it out....

version 1.0.0
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Re: [yogi] private message In reply to
That's because it probably should be:
I'll let Jason know.

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Re: [brewt] private message In reply to
Your right, that fixes it! Thanx.

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Re: [yogi] private message In reply to
Those little green letter images somehow managed to escape our notice. They've been in there long before even the beta version - they will be taken out in 1.0.1.

Of course, if someone wants them, the URL to writing a private message is quite simple:

<%if user_accept_privmsg%>
<a href="gforum.cgi?do=message;user_username=<%user_username%>">Send <%user_username%> a message</a>

Jason Rhinelander
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