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posting 'sites in action

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posting 'sites in action
I see at http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...In_Action/index.html

there is a lsit of site using Gossamer Forums. How do we add out Forum to that list?

I've tried logging in (after being presented with a login window after clicking on ADD)
but it doesn't seem to want to accept it. I'm obviously logged in at least to the Forum
or you all wouldn't be reading this post?

How do I add http://www.nasshq.org The North American Spitfire Squadron

tia for any help anyone can supply
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Re: [ptegler] posting 'sites in action In reply to
Hi. I've added the Spitfire site to the Sites In Action page:


If you want a different description, just let me know. The resources section is separate from the forum; you have to create another user account:


If you do create an account, I can assign you as the owner of the Spitfire link so you can change the description or the URL later if you want; just send me a private message with the username you use.

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Inertia: Sep 4, 2003, 1:14 PM