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new posts don't appear

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new posts don't appear
i am trying the eval version, and new posts don't appear. if you search they will turn up in the search, but looking at the forum reveals no posts. i looked in the database table for the forum, and found that the forum_total and forum_total_threads were set to 0. when i changed these manually to the correct figures, suddenly the posts turned up. obviously i can't do that manually every time someone posts a message!! it seems that adding a new post does not updated these (and other) table fields. has anyone found this bug before? does anyone know how to fix it? (i've looked at the code and it looks very hairy!)
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Re: [gary_monson] new posts don't appear In reply to
This is very odd - it definitely should not be doing that.

Can you e-mail me admin panel access, so that I can take a look at the problem?

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] new posts don't appear In reply to
Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the access is unavailable as the machine is on an internal network. Anyway, a different solution to our problem has been chosen, so it is no longer an issue for us.

Thanks though.