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What is the best way to run gossamer forum for multiple sites on the same server?

Should I install a new instance for each site? I want each site's forums to be seperate. I dont want all the different site's forums to be listed in the main forum index.

How would the mod_perl aspect of the forum work if I installed a fresh copy of gossamer forum for each site?

Would I need a new MySQL db for each installation.

Or is there a better way?

BTW, I am going to be running all the sites myself. It's not for hosting.
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Re: [xev] multi-sites In reply to
No one has an answer to this?

The answer would be simple of course if mod_perl wasn't involved. But with mod_perl I'm afraid that the modules would get mixed up between the different installations. Plus I think there should be a way to share code between different installations. I just need a different database and template set between them.

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Antwort: [xev] Re: [xev] multi-sites In reply to
you install one Gforum copy on a computer, and this computer had set muti-sites?

if so, you can use one database and one Gforum copy to support muti-sites.

just set /cgi-bin/gforum/ of any site on apache or IIS point to one path of Gforum script.

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Re: [tsingson] Antwort: [xev] Re: [xev] multi-sites In reply to
Wouldn't it just be one forum though? I want a seperate forum for each site, meaning that the forum for the other sites should not show up in the main forum list.
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Re: [xev] Antwort: [xev] Re: [xev] multi-sites In reply to
I am thinking I can just create new config files, upload dirs, etc. Then I can share the modules between the different installations.

But I need to know which files and directories are used for the config variables, uploads, and stuff like that.
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Re: [xev] multi-sites In reply to
Installing it three times into three separate locations would probably the easiest. You can use the same MySQL database (but be sure to specify different table prefixes for each installation during the setup). As for mod_perl, simply follow the mod_perl directions three times. Note, however, that it is not necessary to put the 'use lib' and 'require GForum::mod_perl' in the startup file three times - just doing it once is sufficient.

Jason Rhinelander
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