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meta tags on forum views

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meta tags on forum views
We have gossamer forum installed and on one of our installations there is an option under modify forums for meta tags (description, keywords). But it doesn't show up on the forum views. I looked at the templates and there are no calls to these fields. Someone else installed it so I am wondering if this is a custom database field that was put it. If it is, what would be the best way to call it from the database for the forum views?

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Re: [adunphy] meta tags on forum views In reply to
Yep, sounds custom - when I set up our forums, I wanted the ability to add meta data, so I added similar fields. For displaying them, something like this should work (put them in the head area of forum_view.html):

<%if forum_keywords%>
<meta name="keywords" content="<%forum_keywords%>">

Repeat for the description tag (changing the variable names to whatever your fields are named).