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login / cookie problem

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login / cookie problem

when I use cookies in my forum to remember the login , the login is not remembered when I view the main forum page the next time I visit the forum (after closing the browser). But when I click on any link (which has 'guest=xyz' in it), the resulting page shows 'welcome digger', indicating that in fact I am logged in. When I click on the link back to the main page I am still logged in (and the 'guest=xyz' has disappeared from the url).

So it seems that for the very first forum page view my login is not remembered. It is remembered on the second attempt.

I checked my templates if I lost something on the way when customizing but couldn't find any obvious. It must be something specific with my installation, because this doesn't happen here in the GT forum.

Does anyone have a tip for me?


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Re: [Digger] login / cookie problem In reply to
Try reloading the main index after you login :)

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