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is there an if for include_paging.html?

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is there an if for include_paging.html?

i'm just wondering if there's an if statement i can use to test whether include_paging.html needs to be included or not?

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Re: [ryel01] is there an if for include_paging.html? In reply to
It depends on the page being displayed.

If you look at include_paging.html, all it does is call a function in GForum::GUI. We extracted it for speed as the function call is significantly faster than the old way, which had all the code as template tags, and should be much easier to change in appearance.

The code in GForum::GUI is designed to be called from any of the paging locations - forum list, private message list, post list, member list, etc., and will display nothing if paging is not needed. The actual code to figure it out in the template is quite ugly - which is why we moved it into a perl function.

Jason Rhinelander
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