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instant smileys

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instant smileys
In Paul's New Posts thread I mentioned smiley but I thought that maybe a new thread might be more appropriate ...

Many boards offer instant smiley codes for users to click on.

sure smileys are a big debate and some consider avatars and smileys to a circus but since some foks like em .... Crazy

wouldn't it be nice to have this option next to the icon: bar above the post area ??? url / image / code / etc might be nice to have too.

Actually, I think that this option would be used more than just regualr icons.

actually speaking of which ... coffee cup = a break -- just a comment about nothingness ??? and what's between the bug and the newspaper ??? a gun ? a boot ? or is it a tilted blender ???

just another idea

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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Re: instant smileys In reply to
I think its a (megaphone?) - one of those things that amplifies your voice - the image is for an announcement.