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Need to make the links stand out more
The avatars and profiles are gone
The input text box is really small.

Other than that, it's wicked.
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Re: improvements In reply to
btw the biggest problem is that you didn't tell us earlier so we have other forum systems, with less integration.

account deleted
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Re: improvements In reply to
Yea...I agree...

Would've saved me a month of custom programming to come up with a forum software add-on that works with LINKS SQL.

Good point.

Buh Bye!


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AnthroRules: Sep 6, 2001, 2:33 PM
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Re: improvements In reply to
You can change the textbox width and height in the edit profile section.

90x20 fits pretty nicely on a 17" with 1024x768 settings

links coloring could be adjusted to make the difference between visited and non-visited links would be nice.
I hate squinting at my screen!

also. back clicking on the browser backbutton no longer resets the new links in the main index page. I visit about 10 different topic areas now since we have GT forum.

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile