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i-mode template-set for gt_forum?

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i-mode template-set for gt_forum?
Hello everyone,

has anyone created an i-mode template-set for cellphone displays to use with gt_forum yet?

if yes, please let me know!



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Re: [ManuGermany] i-mode template-set for gt_forum? In reply to
For those not familiar with i-mode:


I don't think anyone has done this yet, but i'd love to see how it turns out. =)


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Re: [Alex] i-mode template-set for gt_forum? In reply to
it's pretty easy ... just make everything to work for a size of a silver dollar.
Just one problem ... for testing ... iMode (NTT) phone bills will sky rocket!

I actually started on a iMode template set for DBMan .... Angelic

Saw on the news that iMode (The Asian Devil) will be launching in Germany finally. How much are you folks gonna be paying for packets?

Wanna make some quick money?
- Design a program to scam imode email addresses ... NTT is still working on technology to prevent this.
- hehe ... one more sick way to make big money is to make a caller script that hangs up after one ring. Stupid people will then call your phone number. The trick is to have the number redirect to a foreign country that let's you charge $1000 per minute. NTT will not hold you responsible but rather then caller Wink

currently these 2 methods are the most popular in Japan! ... I've already have a list of numbers that I won't call.

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile