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how to control program flow: suggestions

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how to control program flow: suggestions
I'd appreciate some suggestions about customizing/changing the default program behavior.

In particular I'm puzzled whether to go about defining new globals, new actions or (I hope not) plugins.

Here's what I'd like to do:
1. A user starts on some page of mine (eg mypage.cgi) and selects a GF post to reply-to. (The GF post information is created and included in my page with something like:
print `/gfpath/gforum.cgi?post=999`;)
2. They go to a reply-to template which has been customized from the default.
3. When they post their reply, I'd like them to go back to my original page (mypage.cgi).

I initially got to step 2 by setting up another set of templates and using the t=MY_TEMPLATES option. I then modified post_post.html to take me back to mypage.cgi by statically coding the return-to address into the template.

But then I realized that since I might want to do the same thing but starting from a different page, eg mypage2.cgi, that I'd need to set-up (and maintain) a number of almost identical template directories.

Seems to me that an easier way to do this would be to have the return-address somewhere accessible to all gforum modules, but I'm stuck on how best to do that.

As I type this I'm wondering if I can just do something like:
in mypage.cgi before I call gforum
and then access from a template with:

[I'd just try it myself right now if my connection to my server hadn't gone flacky 10 minutes ago]

Thanks in advance for your help.