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gforum install question

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gforum install question
How to install gforum? I have no experience of forum installation before. I run install.cgi in my local machine.
here is my installation for gforum:
CGI Path :/free/software/web/forum/gforum-1[1].2.0.tar/gforum-1.2.0
CGI URL : http://fbuilder.51.net/cgi-bin
Image Path : /free/software/web/forum/gforum-1[1].2.0.tar/gforum-1.2.0/images
Image URL : http://fbuilder.51.net/cgi-bin/images
Registration Number : builder
Admin Email : liouxiangbiao@yahoo.com.cn
SMTP/Sendmail : /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to Perl : /usr/bin/perl
Gossamer Forum has been successfully installed. To finish the setup, please visit:
then I upload all the file to http://fuilder.51.net/cgi-bin/
and type http://fbuilder.51.net/cgi-bin/admin/admin.cgi in Mozilla,
but nothing happens except an error.
what is the wrong and how to do ?
thank you.