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gforum.cgi log in problem

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gforum.cgi log in problem
Usually when users click log in the search engine string pops up:


However, if you for some reason get http://www.discusswireless.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=login

the log is different somehow....

One of my forums doesn't have problems if this string is entered, however, another one does, big ones.

Instead of calling the links to forums and categories I get errors like:

error: Variable 'cat_path' is not a code referenceError: Variable 'escape_name' is not a code reference_F2/

So it won't link when it should read something like:


any thoghts?

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Re: [discusswireless] gforum.cgi log in problem In reply to
Sorry, but I don't quite get the problem you're describing.

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Re: [brewt] gforum.cgi log in problem In reply to
I just got this same error, when logging in as a user from the admin panel, all the main page links had this error in them. PM me for login info Staff