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email filter

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email filter
Smile A large chunk of my Forum's email comes from another site's traffic. (Forum used as an archive of the primary/public list)

Tongue The PROBLEM is the stupid footers added to all the emails by the other email list. You have to scroll through all the footers various mail systems add, if a response was not submitted directly on the Forum. (came in by email rather than 'in Forum')

Blush WHAT I NEED... is a way to filter the email content as it enters the db. I currently read the mail in via a cronjob, executing the script. All that works fine. I'm just wondering how to filter the email content for a particular string (particular footer content), and then have that as a trigger, stop the data stream dump into that database field for that response. This would effectively stop entire threads being entered into the db as well.

Wink Anyone have the slightest idea what I'm asking for here? Unsure
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Re: [ptegler] email filter In reply to
If the footer is always exactly the same, you might be able to hack this in by adding a text replacement (Admin -> Markup -> Text).

Jason Rhinelander
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