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coloured background

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coloured background
I'm sure this should be an FAQ, but how do I tweek the forums so that posts made by mods have a different background colour to those made by non-mods ?
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Re: [davidnavigator] coloured background In reply to
You can use the "post_user_is_moderator" template tag to identify whether the post was made by a moderator (NOT an administrator, unless the administrator is also entered in the list of forum moderators). Edit the 'include_post_display.html' template, and look near the top (about three lines after the end of the description) for the <table... tag - it contains:


Change this to:

bgcolor="<%if post_user_is_moderator%>red<%else%><%odd_color%><%endif%>"

Obviously, change red to whatever background colour you want. If you want the changed colour for administrators' posts as well, change the '<%if ...%>' to '<%if post_user_is_moderator or user_status == 3%>'.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] coloured background In reply to
Many thanks, that worked a treat.