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closed areas possible?

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closed areas possible?
I need to implement several closed areas within a GT-forum installation. Only people who belong to a specific user group must have read and/or write access to that area. My wish would be to have an unlimited nummer of such groups and each registered user should be able to be a member of any of them if he is allowed by the "group moderator"

We need this to discuss internal issues on different topics before they get visible to the public.

Besides this it would be great if this could integrate seamless into the whole forum. If forums in that a user has neither read nor write access could be invisible to him, that would be great.
Lars von Olleschik
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ollesch: Nov 2, 2001, 2:57 AM
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Re: [ollesch] closed areas possible? In reply to
Everything you want is already possible.

You can define user groups in your admin panel, and restrict access for every user group to the individual forums.

You can choose from (for every user group!):

no access, viewable in forum list,
posts viewable but not readable,
read access,
read/reply access,
read/reply/post access

That all refers to version 0.9.4 (first beta), there may be slight changes in the upcoming release.

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Re: [yogi] closed areas possible? In reply to
0.9.6 hasn't changed the group functionality - the procedure is as you say, just add a group, put users into it, then add a forum and set all groups except the new one you created to "No access." That way, only users in the new group will be able to get into that forum.

Jason Rhinelander
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