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big problem!

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big problem!

Every once in a while when one of my users makes a post it is posted under a username other than their own. I am running under mod_perl so I am thinking it has to do with that. This happened with both posting and private messaging.

Has this happened with anyone else? Is there a fix?
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Re: [xev] big problem! In reply to
Is it happening often? What version of the program and MySQL are you running?

Jason Rhinelander
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Antwort: [Jagerman] Re: [xev] big problem! In reply to
i had another things.
the gforum use a welcome pm plugins.
when a user register, welcome pm plugins will send a
private messge to new register user. but, i find a message same send to my administrator account and the sender is me!

maybe not a problem, just make me smile

my MSN: perlchina_at_hotmail.com